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Carlisle Lake Lewis County

Carlisle Lake is a freshwater lake located in Lewis County, Washington. At an elevation of 496 ft. and 22.2 acres, it's home to a couple species of fish, including coho salmon, rainbow trout and largemouth bass. Carlisle Lake provides good shoreline access.

Stocked Fish: Rainbow
Lake Size: 22.2 acres
Elevation: 496 ft.
Boat Launch: None
Shoreline Access: Good

Carlisle Lake Stocking Reports

Carlisle Lake has been historically stocked with rainbow. The largest rainbow ever stocked is 10 lbs. In the past, Carlisle Lake stocked tens of thousands of rainbow averaging 0.93 lbs.

Date Quantity Fish
December 11, 2020 25 Rainbow @ 8.33lbs
December 11, 2020 75 Rainbow @ 4lbs
May 4, 2020 322 Rainbow @ 3.13lbs
May 4, 2020 4800 Rainbow @ 2lbs
May 4, 2020 62 Rainbow @ 10lbs
January 2, 2020 30 Rainbow @ 10lbs
January 2, 2020 100 Rainbow @ 5lbs
April 21, 2017 9000 Rainbow @ 0.5lbs
April 13, 2017 175 Rainbow @ 1.06lbs
April 21, 2016 5200 Rainbow @ 0.5lbs
April 20, 2016 2863 Rainbow @ 0.4lbs
April 18, 2016 220 Rainbow @ 1.49lbs

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Carlisle Lake Map

Carlisle Lake Fish Species

Carlisle Lake provides opportunities for coho salmon, rainbow trout and largemouth bass throughout the year.

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Coho salmon
Rainbow trout
Largemouth bass

Carlisle Lake Fishing Reports

An modestly traveled lake, there has been some successful reports by anglers at Carlisle Lake over the past few years.

Anglers reported the most success with rainbow trout.

Carlisle Lake - Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips

At Carlisle Lake, the best time for catching rainbow trout is evening. Anglers also reported success with rainbow trout around afternoon. Popular baits used include power eggs and worms for rainbow trout. Top fishing from shore and bottom fishing from shore are the common and successful methods used at Carlisle Lake to catch rainbow trout.

Carlisle Lake Pictures & Media

Image of Carlisle Lake Image of Carlisle Lake

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There are a number of similar sized lakes relatively close to Carlisle Lake, including South Lewis County Park Pond, Newaukum Lake, Plummer Lake, Hayes Lake and Fort Borst Lake.

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Lewis County
11.6 mi. away
14.1 acres
elevation: 93 ft.

South Lewis County Park Pond

November 25, 2020 - Rainbow - 1000 @ 1lbs
November 24, 2020 - Rainbow - 880 @ 1.25lbs

For March:
Bluegill Black crappie Rainbow trout Brown bullhead Largemouth bass Pumpkinseed Sunfish Coastal cutthroat trout (resident)

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Lewis County
13.3 mi. away
16.8 acres
elevation: 2983 ft.

Newaukum Lake

For March:
Brown trout

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Lewis County
15 mi. away
19.9 acres
elevation: 168 ft.

Plummer Lake

March 24, 2020 - Rainbow - 2700 @ 0.4lbs
April 21, 2017 - Rainbow - 3600 @ 0.38lbs

For March:
Bluegill Yellow perch Rainbow trout Largemouth bass

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Lewis County
15.3 mi. away
16.5 acres
elevation: 168 ft.

Hayes Lake

For March:
Largemouth bass

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Lewis County
15.5 mi. away
4.9 acres
elevation: 178 ft.

Fort Borst Lake

January 7, 2021 - Rainbow - 2000 @ 0.42lbs
November 25, 2020 - Rainbow - 1000 @ 1lbs

For March:
Bluegill Rainbow trout

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