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Temple Pond 2 Snohomish County

Temple Pond 2 is a freshwater highland lake located in Snohomish County, Washington. At an elevation of 316 ft. and 4.6 acres, it's home to a couple species of fish, including cutthroat trout.

Stocked Fish: None
Lake Size: 4.6 acres
Elevation: 316 ft.
Boat Launch: None

Temple Pond 2 Stocking Reports

Temple Pond 2 has not been recently stocked.

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Temple Pond 2 Map

Temple Pond 2 Fish Species

A high-elevation rugged lake, Temple Pond 2 provides opportunities for cutthroat trout throughout the year.

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Cutthroat trout

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There are a number of similar sized lakes relatively close to Temple Pond 2, including Temple Pond 2, Temple Pond 1, Pipeline Pond, Crescent Lake and Lost Lake.

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Snohomish County
0.5 mi. away
10.9 acres
elevation: 459 ft.

Temple Pond 1

For December:
Cutthroat trout Largemouth bass Coastal cutthroat trout (resident)

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Snohomish County
0.7 mi. away
1.5 acres
elevation: 379 ft.

Pipeline Pond

For December:
Cutthroat trout

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Snohomish County
2.7 mi. away
8.3 acres
elevation: 31 ft.

Crescent Lake

For December:
Yellow perch Largemouth bass Pumpkinseed Sunfish

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Snohomish County
3.2 mi. away
11.9 acres
elevation: 449 ft.

Lost Lake

March 15, 2023 - Rainbow - 1575 @ 0.4lbs
March 30, 2022 - Rainbow - 1518 @ 0.45lbs

For December:
Rainbow trout Largemouth bass Coastal cutthroat trout (resident)

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